Philosophical Design Change

Devise a two layer design for Ad Blocker. Think of it as a two way mirror.

From the web viewpoint, a browser with Ad Blocker looks like any normal browser. From the back side of the mirror only the non ads are brought to the visible surface. Or the real content is brought through to the visible browser window.

There are so many sites that come up with, "We've noticed that you're using an Ad Blocker" while at the same time the blocked ads counter is spinning like a slot machine reel. There are some sites that try to display 50 or 60 ads in a minute and a half.

  • Hi Rich,

    Thanks for your suggestion! I'm not sure it's technically feasible, but I'll add it to the list of features to consider.

    In the meantime, have you seen our suggestions for sites that require you to turn off AdBlock? :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi Rhana,

    Thanks for your response.

    When thinking more about the problem. . . . .

    Perhaps just a Windows 10 window on top of existing display. This window would be a curtain of all white or all black. Then holes in the curtain that would allow viewing content with the ads blocked.

    DUNNO. Maybe it would work, maybe not. What is really annoying is that some of these sites that object to an ad blocker put up more than 50 ads in the time that it takes to tell the user that 'You're running an ad blocker'.

    I for one really appreciate all of Ad-Block's efforts. I have seen sites that brag that they have reduced the ad content but mathematically they have gone from 2/3 of the screen containing ads to 3/4 of the screen containing ads.

    Thanks again for all of your efforts.


  • I don't think that would be possible, although it's kind of an interesting idea. :)

    If you give those "anti-anti-adblocking" suggestions a try and you need any assistance, please feel free to open a help request. We don't get over to the forums nearly as often as we'd like to!


    AdBlock Community Manager

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