AdBlock for Firefox

Version 3.4.1

  • Updated translations
  • Fixed an issue with the AdBlock pop-up menu not working in Firefox version 55+.

Version 3.3.4

- Fixed an issue with pt_PT locale file

Version 3.3.3

  • Fixed an issue with the YT channel white-listing feature
  • Fixed an issue with the 'use strict' directive in the functions.js file
  • Updated the contact information for EasyList on the 'Report an Ad' page


Version 3.2.1
  • Changed the AdBlock popup menu to work in private mode
  • Removed all html tags from locale messages
  • Added the permission to support multi-process Firefox
  • Updated the band-aids processing for specific sites
  • Fixed the issue with included JavaScript libraries having different MD5 hashes

Version 3.0.1

Works with Firefox 52.0 and later

  • Removed the notificationoverlay.js file because it was no longer needed
  • All third party libraries (jQuery, jQuery UI, and Punycode) conform to Mozilla third party library version specifications
  • Modified all ajax() calls to include the "jsonp: false" parameter
  • Removed the AdBlock unique identifier from the data migration log message
  • Changed all synchronous XML HTTP Requests to asynchronous
  • Removed the "alarm" permission from the manifest.json, since it was not used

Version 2.6

AdBlock is live in the Mozilla Add-ons store!
    • Updated translations
    • Fixed an alignment issue with the version number in AdBlock Options page footer
    • Updated the 'donate to us' link on the AdBlock menu
    • Fixed an issue in the black list wizard, the second 'page' showed the attributes as undefined
    • Fixed an issue on the Options page with the bottom line not visible
    • Updated the contact information for the Hungarian filter list
    • Removed the 'Arabic' language filter list, and added 'Arabic & French' in its place
    • Updated the contact information for the Israeli / Hebrew filter list
    • Removed the check for the filter list syntax tutorial URL link on the Options page
    • Fixed the display of the 'debug information' on the Support tab on the Options page
    • Updated the filter list rule validation logic to allow domains with URL escape characters in filter lists
    • Added a check for the 'isTrusted' attribute in filter list subscription click handler
    • Added support for web socket filter list option

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