new format of ads "on the background"of loaded page

pls is it possible to add function to adblock to block ads on the sides and heading

idea for blocking is that links of this ads are long mismatch of alphanumeric signs, not collection of real human  words of (for example here czech) language in links of urls of these ads

  • Hi Trevor,

    It looks as if these are new ads that can't easily be blocked using our manual blocking assistant, and that the Czech-Slovak filter list doesn't know how to block on its own. Please report this to the Czech-Slovak filter list maintainers so that they can update their filters. You can find the contact info in our Knowledge Base.


    Here are some tips:

    • Name your topic for the site where you're seeing the ads.
    • Note: If the site contains adult content, please include "NSFW" ("not safe for work") in the topic subject!
    • Be sure to include your browser and version and which version of AdBlock you have.
    • Provide a link to the page where you're seeing the ads.
    • Provide a screenshot if you can. (Please capture the entire screen.)

    To include a screenshot in your post:

    • Upload your screenshot to or a similar picture-sharing site, or capture it using Gyazo.
    • Get the "share" URL of the uploaded file.
    • In the EasyList post, include this line: URL-TO-YOUR-PICTURE-FILE[/img]

    Thanks for helping to get these ads blocked for everyone!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • To remove a background image add this custom rule :

    for example :[-abp-properties='background-image: none !important;']

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