Pay as much as you like? It's an honor system?

Hey man, why does it say free when I go to download the app and then when I install it, there's this B.S. dialogue about "we trust you to pay what you think it's worth. And after 60 days we will even refund your money. And there are amounts ranging from $5 to $50 or more. How bout you guys start with CLASS or DIGNITY or ETHICS before you get anywhere near honor.

That was as lame as little Susie Girl Scout who just happened to be displaying her cookies in an open and natural environment. They were so rigid and inedible in the boxes. Then what happened? Oh no!  "Mom, the cookies you ate were the girls scout cookies I was selling. They were a $20 a box, but we accept all major credit cards and pay pal if you want to donate more....Oh Mommy, how am I ever going to get my shopping badge now!!"

Shit, I've been held at gun point by a very polite man. At least he let me know I was being robbed right up front.

Sincerely, TheOriginalMadPoet (someone took MadPoet)

  • Hi Steve,

    We say that AdBlock is free because it is. We don't require payment, but we do ask for donations to help offset the cost of providing AdBlock. We don't set a price for people who do want to donate, but we do suggest the amounts that people most often donate.

    Anyone who doesn't want to (or can't) pay is welcome to use AdBlock for free. We do ask that folks read the payment page in case we have new information about the extension to share when they install or reinstall AdBlock. But then all they have to do is close that page without paying.

    As for class, dignity, and ethics...well, we hope that goes without saying. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Thank you so much !! And a Happy New Year !!

  • Thanks, Oleg, you too! :)

    - Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Worth every penny.  Paid the suggested 35.00 this am   The manual filter @@||$generichide works very well.  sites that always blocked me just for using adblockers work fine now.   I do subscribe to many sites, but just cannot stand ads. Some ads are okay, but sites that watch what I do or use, just need to get my privacy back with app like this one.   Thanks for all you do!  

  • Hey Jeffpc, thanks so much! :)

    - Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Well, I bought AdBlock yesterday and used it for the first time this morning.  I paid $10 initially, but it is SO fabulous that I am paying $20 more today.

    My local news website became so obnoxious with pop-ups and ads and self-starting videos that I was about to give up reading it.  It was a horror.  This morning, it is clean and clear of all clutter.  Miraculous!!

    So, thank you to AdBlock folks for their ingenuity!  Geniuses!!!

  • Hey Rmsdds52,

    Thanks very much for your support and encouragement! We're so glad we can make your Internet day just a little bit brighter. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Saw this post and created an account just to say thanks so much for both this extension, and for making it free. I wasn't in a financial spot to spare even a few dollars until recently. I'm finally in a better financial spot, and just donated. Thanks for your kindness and trust in strangers. <3

  • Hi Renee,

    Wow, thanks so much! And we're glad you'e in a better position financially. We always like to hear good news for our AdBlock family. :)


    AdBlock Community

  • You should better mention about donating first ,because the dignity and the opportunities

    are seldom hand in hand.

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