Feature: Automute YouTube video Ads

Hi AdBlock.  I originally used AdBlock, changed, then came back again after YouTube content creator MundaneMatt pointed out that AdBlock allows for WhiteListing of channels.  I thought this was a great idea & support the idea of supporting content creators that I watch regularly.

Now, I've done a search on the Requests Suggestion forum, but couldn't find any reference of; Mute, Silence, or Volume.

Some of the YouTube channels I support play those SUPER annoying full length ads & I'm always finding myself muting the audio while the advert runs for 2 minutes...

So I was thinking that this might make for a good feature; so Whitelisted channels are supported, but that AdBlock auto-mutes the advert, meaning the content creator gets paid, but the viewer isn't overwhelmed with audible noise.  Then once the advert ends, the volume is returned to its original setting.

Thanks.  :)

p.s.  Running AdBlock on Google Chrome, on a MacBook Pro.

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  • Hi Mrmi2010,

    That's a great idea! If enough people vote for it, we can consider looking into adding it in a future release. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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