Contacting AdBlock re: MONEY

I donated $10 to AdBlock, then 2 days later they asked me to contribute $ for it.  I have been unemployed for 2 YEARS and $$ is tight.

1.   Does ANYONE know and email address to an English-writing AdBlock executive so I can discuss this policy, and ask them to tell PayPal that I can keep my $5

2.  Does anyone have an email address to their CEO, so I can ask him, "WTF? Really?  You can NOT be serious.."




  • Hi Warren,

    We truly appreciate your support! However, we really don't want someone to pay for AdBlock if it represents a hardship. We'll be happy to issue a refund. Just send the Order ID from our thank-you email to and we'll get that taken care of for you!

    If you're seeing our payment page more than once after installing AdBlock, it means that AdBlock's settings are being reset to the defaults. Basically, AdBlock thinks it's just been installed. Here are a couple of Knowledge Base articles that should help:

    By the way, all of us here at AdBlock speak English. In fact, four of the five of us live in the U.S. :)

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Well, I wanted to write privately as well, but couldn't find a way top do it, so I'll write "out loud".

    Just donated $5. For the service, it's the best money I could have spent. Unfortunately, due to our contnued fixed income it cannot be more, even though it is worth a LOT more than that. 

    It's "budgeted" for and one day, I hope to be able to make it a monthly donation. For now, please accept it with my thanks.


  • Hi Bill,

    If you'd ever like to write to us privately, just drop us a line at That creates a ticket in our support system, which only you and we can see.

    But I'm glad you wrote to us "out loud." It's so gratifying when folks share how we've been able to make their browsing better. It makes our day, believe me.

    We accept your donation with the greatest thanks. :)

    Stay awesome,


    AdBlock Community Manager

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