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option to block all ads on domains with paid subscriptions

I have paid subscriptions to certain websites, such as  I use those sites often and don't want ads there, which is fair because I pay them directly.  I still want to allow unobtrusive ads on other domains where I don't pay.

HI Stephen,

Normally subscribing gives you an ad-free experience. I have a digital subscription to the Washington Post. When I log in to my account on, I'm not seeing any ads at all. Are you logged in when you're seeing those ads? If you are, you might want to report them to the Post's customer service department. :)

Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

Block ads on my emails, please.  I paid $10 for this, please.

Hi Eckbl7,

Thanks for your support! We have some suggestions for blocking ads on mobile devices in our Knowledge Base. :)

Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

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