"Adblock can read, chance en sent content on websites. Possibly including sensitive information including passwords, telephone numbers and creditcard-data."


How can I advise my customers to use Adblock anymore??

Thanks in advance,

Tom Berends

  • Hi Tom,

    This looks scary, and it's meant to make you really think about the permissions you give the extensions you install. We have a whole Knowledge Base article about this: I see a warning that AdBlock can access my data and browsing activity! Here's an excerpt:

    "All it means is that AdBlock needs to be able to:

    • See every page you open so that it can work on any website you visit.
    • Read the data on the web page to find the ads.
    • Change the data on the page to block or hide the ads.

    We don't request these permissions because we want to pry into your life. We request the permissions because we need them to block and hide ads on the web pages you visit. Lifehacker has a nice article on what those browser permissions really mean and how much you should worry about giving them."

    Basically, it comes down to trust. We can see that data. We could use it to further our own nefarious schemes. We choose not to abuse our users' trust, only using that data in accordance with our privacy policy. Not every extension developer feels the way we do, however, which is why that warning is so important.

    Does this help to reassure you?


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi Rhana,

    Your answer reassured me enough. Thanks for your prompt reaction!

    Bey bey!


  • You're very welcome, Tom!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi Luke,

    Please read our privacy policy and this Knowledge Base article: I see a warning that AdBlock can access my data and browsing activity! They explain what data we can see and what logs we keep and for how long.


    AdBlock Community Manager

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