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Could you make a video cache for browsers please


I posted a comment on your adblock page and you asked for an example of how videos are not cached in web browsers -

1) your comment has disappeared from my facebook comment list

2) here is an example that you requested of a video that is not cached in a browser - see :
Now this video should not be reloaded in the browser if it has already been watched as it is not going to change - it needs to be cached on a local hard drive - the video is only 67 Mbytes which is small by today's standards

3) If you can write a smart cache algorithm plugin for browsers to cache videos - that would be fantastic

Get back to me if you have any questions about my comment

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for clarifying your suggestion. That's a cool idea. It's outside of what we're trying to do with AdBlock, however, which is to improve users' experience of the Internet by reducing creepy ads and anti-privacy tracking.

    There may be other developers with extensions that are closer to what you're envisioning. I'd suggest poking around the extension store for your browser and see whether there's already an extension that does that. If not, there may be one that does something similar, to whom you could reach out.

    Good luck! :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • cool 



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