*NEW* How to Block Clean Master's ads!

If you use the most popular cleaning tool on the Play Store (which is Clean Master), then you definetly are familiar with its annoying advertising! Sadly, adblock can't block their ads but I can! This method only works on a ROOTED DEVICE! Download my host file and replace your original host file with mine! Location: system/ect/hosts Good Luck! If your still seeing the ads in Clean Master, just email me and I will update the host file! :)
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  • Thanks, Rnoles4444!

    Everyone who's tempted to use Rnoles4444's method, please note the following disclaimer: We neither endorse nor claim any responsibility for this ad-blocking solution. We present it as a service to our user community. Use it at your own risk. Please keep a copy of your original hosts file as a backup in case of accidents or problems.

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  • Hello everyone. Like she said, always make a backup just in case anything goes wrong. Also, I always add more ad-servers to my host file. I will provide updates soon for a better ad-free experience! 

    ALSO, if there is an app that has ads that you want me to block, add an app request!



  • It's work perfectly with Clean master app But Facebook shows there is no internet connection !! Can you fix it ?
  • Hi messharnouby,

    AdBlock doesn't provide technical support for Ryan's solution. I've forwarded your request to him. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • those who use adaway they can add this url into their sources https://digitalexprezz.in/adblock.txt @Rnoles4444 hosts

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