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I absolutely love AdBlock and use it on every device I own. I have nine computers I use on a weekly basis as I travel, work, move from room to room at home, etc. I find that my biggest issue with AdBlock is that it doesn't have the settings (filters) I select follow me from computer to computer. If I make a change on one, I'll need to do it on all of them. I am logged into each version of Chrome as my google account but would love to have my settings to whitelist certain sites that I regularly use and wish to support via Ads being enabled. Would it be possible to Sync my settings with each computer? If I need to do this manually via  a self-created script or such what file must I ensure is sync'd on all computers?

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  • PLEASE add this!  Even if I have to add my own FTP server or simply allow me to export and import my setup.  Something... Anything.... Right now my only ability is to copy and paste from machine to machine which is kind of crazy with how long you guys have been around.

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  • 2 years later and still at least no feedback regarding this important feature.

    It practically finishes making adblock ubiquitous across devices.

    How is this not implemented yet?

  • Hi Pedro,

    We're in the process of investigating the best way to implement sync across our products. We hope to have good news to announce in the near future. :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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