Is the extension not working anymore in Chrome?

Not just Youtube, the extension seems to be not working at all. I'm getting ads from all other sites too. (Note: using Chrome)

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  • It's not working for me either. This is a pain. Have you found a fi?

    I will comment with a fix if I find something

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  • Maybe it's not about AdBlock, just the adware infection. They can change browser settings, as well as the settings of its extensions. if you see just google ads - that's ok, but is there are another ads with tags "powered by ..." or "ads by..." - you should remove the adware. Check this website to see the list of all the most dangerous adware : PCFixHelp adware removal.

  • That's right, Simbelmayne, ads "powered by" or "by" are adware. I've found the best place to research them is You can enter the name that appears after "powered by" or "by" in their search box and find a really good guide to removing that particular strain of malware.

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