AdBlock for Chrome 3.0 is here!

Update 06/29/2016:

Oops! The release didn't go as smoothly as our testing led us to expect it would. A couple of bugs fluttered in while our backs were turned:

A bug fix release is under review by Google and should be out today.

And now, here's the original announcement:

Today we released a major upgrade to AdBlock! AdBlock 3.0 includes some great new features:

  • We now support the $genericblock and $generichide filter options, allowing us to whitelist the "generic" ad many sites use to check for ad blockers, while still blocking actual ads.
  • We've improved editing custom filters. Now duplicate entries are automatically removed, allowing AdBlock to process your custom filters more efficiently.
  • The AdBlock button in the extension bar now turns green, not gray, when AdBlock is paused.
  • We moved the "Show all requests" feature to the Developer Tools. To get there, right-click a page and select Inspect, then select the AdBlock tab.
  • Before we were limited to 5 MB of local storage for settings, subscribed lists, and custom filters. Now we're using unlimited storage, allowing you to subscribe to more lists and have more custom filters.

All your favorite features are still there as well:

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  • Getting "An error has occurred

    Must declare JSON Schema v3 version in "$schema"." when trying to install from Google store or as uncompressed folder.

    Last version working is 2.59 here. I use Chromium, a rather old version, but AdBlock shouldn't break retrocompatibility I think.

  • This update has ground our webapp to a halt for hundreds of our users (our app is 100% ad-free btw).  Chrome CPU usage is off the charts and everything runs like molasses.  We had to do some trial and error to figure out why all of a sudden a few days ago we got all sorts of complaints on lag, and disabling AdBlock 3.0 immediately fixes things.  Can you revert back to the previous version so you can figure this out?  

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  • Still getting the error: "Could not load extension. Must declare JSON Schema v3 version in "$schema". with the new 3.0.8 update from today.. 

    Do you plan to fix this or should I stick with 2.59 from now on?

  • Thanks for your reports, guys! I've passed them to our developer.

    AdBlock 3.1, which fixes the performance lag, is in QA. We hope to be able to release it in the next week or two (the sooner the better, obviously).

    I'll post back here when our developer has more information about that error.

    Please accept our apologies for the roughness of the rollout!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi Steak Tartare,

    I sent you an email. We'd like you to open a ticket so that our developer can track the issue. He'd also like to see the debug information from the SUPPORT tab in AdBlock's options.

    Thanks very much!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Since this update, I've stopped seeing photos and graphics inside my Gmail on Chrome (even incognito). Any solution for this?

  • Stacy, can you please open a ticket on our help desk for this? Thanks!