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Chrome web store distributes development build?

Anyone else seeing Adblock been changed to Adblock development build in Chrome web store and in browser after update.

Hi Ode,

We released a new version today and it looks as if it may not have gone as smoothly as our testing indicated it would. During the release, the name was accidentally changed from "AdBlock" to "AdBlock development build." We have another release under review in the Chrome Web Store that fixes this.


AdBlock Community Manager

I also have problem with changing adblock to adblock development bulid, yesterday. Since that, adblock had not been worked until now. But in another my computer, adblock is working good. So I want to solution about this problem. 

Hi Pejuty,

Please see the update I just posted in AdBlock 3.0 is here!


AdBlock Community Manager

Oh, I'll check your post

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