i tried to submit ticket but it did seem to register

 please break out the database into a separate file rather than using safari's prefs file "

when the above file gets really big it slows down safari and if ad block had it's own file then safari would respond faster.

please make this across all versions including lion.

i know you are going to say " i dont have permission to write to files outside of the prefs file" or "java/script security considers this dangerous and will not allow it. here is a fix

1. check with apple and oracle i am sure they will allow you to do this as an exception since you are not doing any harm here.

2. learn another programming language like c++ or something and wite it as that so you are not bound by the java/script safety rules.

you could also just write back to the extension it's self that should be safe

  • Hi ejonesss,

    I'll pass your suggestion to our developer and see what he says. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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