I wouldn't mind paying for adblock, but ....

... I can only pay through iDeal. So, please open a dutch bankaccount and I will (!) donate


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  • When I saw the update message today I had the exact same request, Also from the Netherlands. Maybe you could also allow us to pay via paysafecard or something as I often still feel reluctant to pay via bank, slightly paranoid.

  • Hi Yodalemos,

    We're happy you're enjoying AdBlock. Thanks for wanting to support our work! We're looking into offering additional ways to pay for AdBlockPlease follow our social media pages (FacebookTwitter, or Google+and AdBlock's Blog for announcements!

    In the meantime, you can still support us by telling all your friends about AdBlock! Maybe you could suggest they add a little extra on your behalf if they decide to pay. :) Be sure to tell them to get it from our website,, so they get the right AdBlock!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Я не возражаю платить за adblock, но ... можно ли сделать менее 250 рублей на линии пожертвований?

    Я понимаю, что 250 рублей могут быть такими маленькими, но столько, сколько я мог бы помочь, чаще всего немного меньшей суммой - например, 100-150 рублей.

    Of course, there will be more donations.,because the number of users willing to help increas

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