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Youtube Blacklist

Opposite of YouTube White list.  I want the you tubers I watch to make money, but certain ones have as a patreon perk, "Use ad-block on my channel quilt-free" and therefor would like to use it on his videos, but not anyone else's.

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  • Hi Garrison,

    That's a really nice Patreon perk. AdBlock has a blacklist mode, where ads are blocked everywhere by default except on certain sites. I'm not sure we could build an equivalent feature just for YouTube.

    I think the easiest way to do what you want is to whitelist YouTube channels you want to support, but which don't offer that perk for Patreon donors. Ads would continue to be blocked on YouTube channels that do offer that perk, so you'd still be supporting all the channels you love. :)

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Warm regards,


    AdBlock Community Manager

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