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This World Day Against Cyber Censorship BS better end.

If I see this BS tomorrow I will immediately uninstall adblock. If I see any other retarded BS I will also immediately uninstall adblock, and use something that doesn't show me retarded ads that are more stupid than the ones they're supposed to be blocking.

I am calling this free speech/government surveillance/Snowden thing BS because there is no justification behind it other than a bunch of people jumping on a the hype train without giving it much of a thought. Obviously I won't write a full paper about it here but just some general points about the stupid quotes you've been showing:

"Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded." 

Oh I'm so flattered, I wish it was like that but the sad truth is I'm not a hot talented famous female actress, I'm a mediocre looking man and most people don't want to record or see me fapping to my computer. Jokes aside, what is really saying here anyway? because it makes no sense. Obviously there's no people trying to watch me, it'll have to be computers (if that's even the case, but let's give it that). Ok so if a computer recording me doing something also counts as "watching". I guess you can say I am already being "watched" by my various electronic devices with built-in cameras. It just makes no sense to use the verb "watch" when there is no human agency involved. It's a straw man fallacy and it's stupid.

Wait a minute now you say, you can still be recorded and then that video (or logs or whatever) can still go to a human. Ok fair enough, but what would make the goverment go through some nobody's file like mine? Say if I decide to shoot up my school? yea! I guess that would be enough for that to happen. Ok then let it happen, I think it's a great thing we have records of school shooting criminals fapping infront of their computers. We might be able to better understand what psychological conditions lead to such behaviour. Bravo, NSA.

"Authorities don't just use handcuffs and arrests, but also media attacks."

Oh you mean YOU GUYS hijacking other ads in favor of pushing your own ad?

"Without freedom of speech there is no modern world, just a barbaric one."

We never had freedom of speech. It used to be the case that authorities and people of power censor shit they don't like. Now days popularity and the people censor shit they don't like. For example, people are actually thought about this cencorship BS like me are being censored by people on the stupid hype train, just because you don't agree with me.

" some BS about famalies in north korea"

Yea nobody gives a shit, there are countless tragedies all over the world, many of them way worse than what you're going through.

"Freedom of expression can land you in jail in Cuba"

And it can land you in your bedroom with zero friends in "free" countries.

"No one except you can control what shows up on your screen"