Right click link, disable Adblock on linked page

Adblock can interfere with tracking of referral links (not visible ads). Sometimes people want these links to track correctly such as when using cashback sites or wanting to help sites which provide a service using referral links. 

I suggest that there should be a feature under the right click context menu where you can open a link in a new tab (or window) however it will disable Adblock on the new tab (and only that new tab - no others). This will save from completely disabling Adblock on all tabs and allow the transaction on the new tab to take place and be tracked giving support to the website that doesn't use intrusive ads.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Ritchie! If the idea is popular, we can look into its feasibility.

    In the meantime, have you tried whitelisting the service or site you want to support?

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