Quick Instant, Yet Temporary Bypass Method

Provide a quick instant, but temporary method, to bypass the ad blocker using a key, example hold "control key "down while you mouse click the link. Some chat sessions are detected as a popup so when you see the flash showing a popup blocked, you can press the Ctrl Key to temporarily bypass the Add Blocker which allows for the chat session to properly launch.

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  • Thanks, Josee, that's a great idea! If enough people like it too we can look into what might be involved in making it happen.

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  • Made an account just to support this idea. I had intended on making another topic for it, but wanted to see if anyone else agreed. I do believe it would be nice to allow things momentarily with a hotkey combo, such as ctrl+alt+left click, or just ctrl+click. obviously something easy to remember, but something that wont be easily done on accident.

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  • Hi Monkie and Josee,

    Comments are welcome, and so are votes (especially votes)! No one has voted on this suggestion yet. Not even (ahem) you two. :)

    :) Rhana

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  • I agree with this suggestion

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  • Then allow me to Quad Vote the thread for you all - and I do apologize if you have received a random email after two years of posting your ideas. I think I should probably dig back into the forum archives and see what other suggestions may have been waiting patiently, somehow I should probably make some giant list rather than posting in a bunch. I do certainly like the idea! While you can of course Paws CatBlock (hehehe) manually and Unpaws later, you still have to not only refresh the page on both ends but also remember to restart your favourite CatBlock later. This kind of "one time CatNap mode" would be really handy in such cases, so I'm Quad Voting it :D Matthew aka Blastoise186 SuperFan, PowerUser... Time Traveller
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