Add option to Disabled menu Please!!

When ad block is enabled on any webpage it blocks all ads unless theyre considered acceptable-- (you know this already)- 

The problem is if a user wants to support theyre webpage of choice by allowing them to run ads theyre only option is to "Dont run Adblock on this page" However the user should be provided with an option that shows up on the menu, even if the option is selected to not run adblock, to block certain specific extremely intrusive ads. 

The thing is i would really like to keep ads on certain webpages, but just not all the ads (only those that dont hinder my usage of the site)......What i would hope, is that once the option that i wish to be added is clicked, the user then will be asked to click on the Ad he or she would like to be removed, and from that point on the site will run all other ads as it normally would, exept the one that was selected by the user to be removed i have attached 3 images labeled 1,2,3...view them in order for a brief visual of what im talking about.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, Andy! It isn't something we can do, unfortunately. Whitelist filters always overrule blacklist filters. That is, if you've told AdBlock to allow ads on a certain page or site ("Don't run on this page" or "Don't run on pages on this domain"), it can't block any ads on that page or site.

    You can run AdBlock in "whitelist" mode, however. That will tell AdBlock to allow ads everywhere except on certain sites you specify. We have some additional suggestions in this Knowledge Base article: How do I tell AdBlock NOT to run?