Allowing ads for specific Youtube (or other stream/media) channels should be easier

(Thanks for Lennartvandermolen for the suggestion!)

I love adblock and I especially love that I can whitelist youtube channels this way:  

However, I think that allowing ads this way is quite cumbersome. What would be a really neat feature is to be able to whitelist the channel while visiting any of it's video pages rather than it's main channel page with a direct click.  

The reason I'm suggesting this is because I'm a lazy bastard just like everyone else and not running ads is easier than making an effort to ensure the content-creators I like get the revenue they deserve. 

I'd like to be able to set these whitelists as quickly and conveniently as possible, ideally on the go while randomly surfing through Youtube.

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  • j dat zal wel wat wezenn gr

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  • I would really like this feature and i know a good way to implement it. (at least for how youtube is structured today)
    When you are watching a video, the link to the authors channel is always below the video in a div-tag with the class "yt-user-info" and it is the only element with that class on the page.
    It should be very easy to parse the page and match the channel-id in the "
    data-ytid"-attribute of the link against a local list of whitelisted channels.
    Ad-block should even be able to recognize that you are on a youtube page associated with a channel using this info and provide you with an option in the plugin-menu to whitelist the associated channel.

  • Hi Mattenood,

    As it turns out, you can whitelist a YouTube channel from any video in that channel. You don't need to be on the channel's home page. Our original instructions in the Knowledge Base article that describes this feature were inaccurate.

    Even better, if you use Microsoft Edge (and Firefox, starting with AdBlock for Firefox 3.0), you can use a feature in AdBlock to automatically whitelist every YouTube channel you've subscribed to. We will be adding this feature to AdBlock for Chrome in a future release. Instructions are in the same article.

    Is that closer to what you're suggesting? :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • ik haat het want ik kan mijn favorite muziek niet luisteren

  • Hallo Mika,

    Wilt u alstublieft een supportticket openen op zodat we u kunnen helpen? Bedankt!

    Hartelijke groeten,

    Rhana Cassidy
    AdBlock Community Manager

    Hi Mika,

    Will you please open a support ticket at so that we can look into what's happening? Thanks!

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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