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Allow by default block by option

Hi I use adblock mainly for youtube and realise that many small interest sites need advertising to support running costs, so I'd prefer it if adblock (or a global option within) allowed all ads, but offer the option to block all ads, some ads on this domain/page etc., rather than the block all and opt to allow.

Hope you get my meaning.

I have to go through the process to allow on all the sites I visit when I'd prefer to opt block those which are overly ad heavy.

Maybe a proactive blocker/reactive blocker option?


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We definitely encourage supporting sites you love by allowing their ads! Check out "Show ads everywhere except for these domains" in AdBlock's options on the CUSTOMIZE tab. :)


Yes I can do that in Chrome, but the same tabs aren't visible on IE11, nor in the settings options.

Thanks again.

Ah, I see the trouble. We don't make AdBlock for Internet Explorer. Are you perhaps thinking of Adblock Plus (ABP)? ABP, which does run in IE, is an unrelated product developed by a different company.

You can reach ABP at :)