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Add a keyboard command to pause/unpause AdBlock

Is there a keyboard command to pause/unpause AdBlock? Currently what I have to do is click on the AdBlock icon in Chrome, wait for the dropdown menu to load, then choose "Pause Adblock".  If I want to unpause AdBlock, I have to repeat the same command.  I figured that if there's a key command it would be much faster.  Thanks

(Submitted by Jamesnine)

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Sorry to dig this one back up Rhana! It's not seemed to have had anything happen in the last two years ;) I think it would be a piece of cake to create a keyboard command/keystroke/"Keybind" feature in AdBlock and also in "Project Sprint" to do that. The current button in the Mini-Menu would already link to something, so the team would simply need to Keybind it :)

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the reminder! I have the go-ahead to pick some of our most popular feature requests for consideration. I'll make sure this one gets on the short list.

:) Rhana

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How can I hold a pause button?

Is this possible?

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Hi Romanshikanov,

We're still working on enhancing our pause options. For now, the way to pause ad blocking is to click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Pause AdBlock (or Unpause AdBlock is it's paused).

:) Rhana

AdBlock Community Manager

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Woohoo! I just had an email alert from the Help desk system, which reported a Status Update of "In Progress"! So, I guess it shouldn't be too long before I get to obliterate - ahem - road test such a Keybind feature in my special Project Sprint setup. It's been maybe 2 years but good things come to those who wait... Eventually XD
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