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Been an AdBlock user for my desktop a couple of years now, but with phones and tablets I can not find the original AdBlock app. Is there one I can use that's bug free? THX for the freeware!!

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  • Thanks, Yvonne! We used to support Firefox on Android. Here's why we don't anymore. As more Android browsers start supporting extensions, we'll most likely make an AdBlock for them. Please follow our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) for updates!

  • i would recommend depending on your needs adaway it requires root but you would download it from F-Droid Adaway app from F-Droid

    or you can use the many adblocking browsers for android if you like firefox you can use adblock plus for firefox mobile or ublock origion for firefox moble

    there is also adblock browser from adblock plus adblock browser

  • Thanks for your help, Jonathan!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • need an ap for my android.

  • Hi Alex! You'll find tons of apps in the Google Play store. :D What you won't find, however, is an app for AdBlock. We suggest you consider the Adblock Plus (ABP) browser for Android, which has ad-blocking built-in. It won't hurt our feelings if you use a rival's product, since we can't compete on Android!

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